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Monday, 8 May 2017

What is Chinmaya-Life?

Poojya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda left the presence of His Guru Swami Tapovanji Maharaj, Gangaji, Himalayas, Satsang with Mahatmas etc. and came to teach us.  He could have sat there absorbed in Samadhi but it is HIS Causeless Compassion that HE chose to come down for us. We have to make ourselves worthy of HIS Sacrifice and Compassion that he showered on us for 42 years and continues to shower on us.  On His 101st Chinmaya Jayanti, lets reflect on the points below and lets strive to live upto HIS Vision - Our Mission. 
  • "It is better to live the Chinmaya Life with Occasional folly,
    than to live a life of folly with occasional Chinmaya Life"
  • What is Chinmaya-Life?
  • "One who has got a vision, he rises to the highest. That vision is not a contract, it is not written on paper. It must be enshrined in the hearts and minds of everyone. And where there is a vision, when even a single member has developed and cultivated this courage, this heroism to live up to the vision, then that mission cannot die. It is such a mission that can serve the society, the community and the world at large."
  • Uncompromising commitment to a Higher Vision, a life of love and respect is Chinmaya-life.  
  • "Do not rush out to improve the world.  Chinmaya Mission is not there for you to look out into the world; not even so that you may look into the organization as a whole and see and study the organisation’s total growth; but rather, it is there so that each one of you might develop internally.  Do not keep thinking “How far have we done work outside?”  
  • Only Self-improvement is important.  We want the chastest of the chaste for the Mission.  We want sincerity and constant introspection.  We are not interested in how many buildings and institutions we possess as a mission.  Instead, we are interested in how far each individual has become an institution."
  • Constant self-introspection and self-improvement is Chinmaya Life
  • "Discipline and Purpose: If we have no discipline in our organization we better not have one. I am not building a ‘bhajan mandali’ all these years. If the Chinmaya Mission cannot become a well-knit powerful organization for the national resurrection of our Hindu Culture, I don’t need an organization at all.  I am not a mere Swami going about people’s spiritual upliftment. I am working for the Renaissance of Hinduism in India. Shankara is my guide, my Master.
    Ours is not a programme of political and economical revival.  Cultural revival is our goal.  Our speciality is to discover in each Hindu an integrated inner personality with courage to live its Rishi Culture."
  • Commitment to Hindu renaissance is Chinmaya Life. 
  • "To forge and to evolve out of our population a healthy, vibrant, creative people is the work of the Mission.  Chinmaya Mission must thus inaugurate the birth of the Nation and its early education.  Mission members are essentially Nationalists.  A Mission member is conscious of the glory of his country.  He is the real devoted servant of the country.  Work for the Nation.  Regain the past glory of our Nation."
  • Commitment to National integration is Chinmaya Life. 
  • “Im unborn! If at all i exist, it is in your imagination.”
  • To strive for Self-Realisation with single-pointedness & live as Unborn Consciousness is the best tribute we can pay to the Master. Nothing else is worth HIS efforts except this.  
  • Commitment to Self-Realisation and abidance in Self is Chinmaya Life. 

All the text in double quotes is by Swami Chinmayananda