Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Illuminator Am I

Illuminator illumines the illumined.  
Illuminator remains unaffected by the illumined. 
Illuminator appears as the illumined.  
Illumined can never know/cover The Illuminator.  
Illuminator is independent of the illumined. 
Illuminator is One. Illumined are many. 
In the Illuminator, there is no illumined.  
Illuminator alone IS. I am That. 

From the Illumined to The Illuminator is the journey of life 
& true celebration called Deepavali. Happy Deepavali.

Life’s Light

In the night of ignorance, dark & long
Winds of desires blow uncontrollably strong
Attachments bind & blind the vision
Fears & anger benumb all sensation
Despair & despondency make one weak
Confused and confounded, one's life looks bleak 

Out of causeless compassion, a Master arrives
To ignite our inner-lamp He ceaselessly strives
He quietens our desires through devotion
Teaches detachment by serving a higher vision
Transforming Fear into love & anger into empathy
Negating our false identity, He uncovers our Divinity 
Darkness to light, confusion to clarity
Is life's Journey, from Finitude to Infinity

Temptations-declined Service-Inclined
Welfare-confined, Personality-Aligned
Extremely Kind, everything-combined
Infinity-enshrined, Divinity 'defined'
Never-resigned, always-unwind 
A flame without a flicker is a Yogi's mind

He lights our ‘light’. He is our Life’s Light 
His Presence makes our life, Light 

Having awakened, She woke us up too
'Awaken others' is all She wants us to do 
Lets Share 'Knowledge' out of Gratitude
Ignite many minds as per our aptitude 
With a positive attitude, Centred in Solitude 
Reaching new altitude and magnitude

Wishing you Happy Diwali(2014), 
a Prosperous New Year &
a Life of Fulfilment.  

Invoking the Grace of the Lord & 
Blessings of the Guru-Parampara
on you and family.