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Employer-Employee Relationship Based on Valmiki Ramayana

Canto –2, Chapter 100

Based on Sri Rama’s Instructions to his brother Bharata on

Selection of Workers/Employees

  • Select the employees with sufficient care so that you have an efficient team of workers.
  • Engage qualified men to get good results.
  • A big staff is not the criterion of effective results.
  • Do not appoint too many people even if you can afford to do it.
  • A single qualified and experienced man is better than a whole lot of inefficient and unproductive men, to get quick results especially in times of crisis.
  • The highest job should be entrusted with those who are experienced, intelligent and trustworthy.
  • Assign duties accordingly to their qualifications, capabilities and background.
  • The power of authority is to be granted only to one who is devoted to the work and has a spotless character and is both qualified and willing.
  • Your spokesman/representative should be :
    • -Distinguishing right from wrong
    • -Quick witted
    • -Learned and clever
    • -Capable of Communication
    • -Provide facts at the required time
    • -Up to date on all information
    • -Maintain a high standard
  • Success in the work depends on the trust you have in your subordinates.
  • Establish a healthy relationship with your colleagues and co-workers so that they are dependable at all times and co-operative.
  • Be tactful in giving instructions.
  • Be considerate.
  • Be positive in your approach.
  • Be complimenting.
  • Protect your workers who are devoted to their work and have the zeal and knowledge and who put maximum effort for best results.
  • Give necessary support and guidance to those that need it and are dependent on you.
  • Keep those, whom you depend upon, happy (through gifts, love and good gestures).
  • Give due respect and recognition to those who are successful, efficient and skilled in their work, reliable and hard working.
  • Keep a reasonable distance between you and your subordinates and at the same time keep an eye on their performances.
  • See that your establishment is sufficiently equipped with the necessary manpower and supplies.
  • Pacify the weaker section, as they need your help, but do not repose excessive faith in them or share your private affairs with them.
  • Hold consultations with 3 or 4 at a time collectively or severally, to guard against a split among them and to prevent secrets from leaking out.
  • Do not be overly strict and stern, so that they do not get unpopular with the men they are dealing with.
  • Always be watchful of people whom you engage who are working against you or who are envious of your progress.
  • Guard against reappointing those who have once dismissed for valid reasons, lest they cause you problems.
  • Judge impartially. Do not favor the rich and punish the poor.
  • Pay the salaries at the right time. Delay would be harmful to the establishment.
  • Give due respect to those who have given the necessary information and knowledge to do your work effectively.
  • Do not disregard equality and justice.
  • Have regard for those with wisdom and knowledge.
  • Let not your desire for amassing wealth or gratification of your senses ruin your pursuit of religious and secular duties and your way of life.
  • Your pursuit of wealth, religious rituals and sense pleasures should be done according to time allotted.
  • Pray for the welfare of all.
  • Do not fail to show due respect to all.
  • Do not patronize those who pretend to be what they are not, even if they have all the necessary qualifications. Such people may divert the mind of the people from the righteous path by perverting their minds. They are a hindrance to the progress and efficiency.
  • Perverted intellects with their logical arguments can misguide you even in their interpretations of righteousness and honesty.

  • Be humble and broadminded and work for the welfare of all.
  • Allot specific time for your religious rituals, wealth and sense pleasures.
  • Use your prayers to benefit others around you.
  • Follow the injunctions of the scriptures in all your undertakings, so that you endeavor is fruitful.
  • Follow the righteous path taken by your predecessors. Share the fruit of your labor with those that need it.
  • The abundance, prosperity, happiness and contentment achieved should be maintained right through.
  • Always put an impressive appearance and maintain it right through.
  • Spend your income for the right cause – religious, noble, devotional, beneficial for the country and its safety and protection and for hospitality.
  • Renounce greed, anger, laziness, dishonesty, procrastination, arrogance and sense pleasures.
  • Do not neglect your responsibilities to subordinates, colleagues and superiors.
  • Be impartial in your judgment.
  • Do not favor the rich and punish the poor.
  • Do not release a criminal by accepting a bribe.
  • Do not exploit the innocent.
  • Do not convict an innocent person of a crime he did not commit, in order to extract money from him.
  • Do not squander – Live within your means.
  • Spend your income towards a right cause and put away some for emergencies.
  • Start a work with an auspicious act/gesture.
  • Do not waste manpower, equipment of energy.
  • Do not give others a chance to surmise on your plan of action, nor should you probe into others.
  • Do not publicize a project before it is launched or is about to be launched.
  • Do not hesitate to take advice from those who have the knowledge and experience. But never over do it by consulting too many people.
  • Whatever decisions you take keep it to yourself till the time of execution of your decision.
  • Make a modest start and work consistently towards greater potentiality.
  • Your pursuit for wealth and pleasure should be moderate and timely.
  • Avoid excessive habits like over sleep or not sleep at all and think of amassing wealth of gaining fame and name.
  • Do not take counsel of the perverted. Execute the right decisions arrived at.
  • Do not misuse your power and position.
  • Do not make false accusations.
  • Do not let a criminal go scot-free or accept bride to cover up.

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